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Lily Basin Trail

Hiking tends to draw all sorts of crowds, from creatives to athletes, rich and poor, beginners and experts. Nature has a spiritual quality we yearn for outside the city limits.

Outback Tales is passionate about living outdoor adventure stories and inspiring others do the same.  We love the experience of adventure in books and movies, and the philosophy behind Outback Tales is to not only read, but to create your own epic story in life, whether by hiking, traveling, exploring new places or doing new things.

Outback Tales is now officially online and live!

OutbackTalesHiking.com Just add "hiking"!

You can also follow me on Twitter or Instagram (outbacktales), where I post content to inspire your own adventures, much of which is my own photography.


About Josh

Hiking and photography are two of my passions in life along with music and business.  While I live in the city I love going outdoors in the Pacific Northwest, where I feel free and creative, away from the city noise and my addiction to gadgets and gizmos and social media.  Nothing like the smell of woods and mountain air over the smog of the city.

Here's to adventure!